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SEO Audit Service

What is a Website Audit?

A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Audit is the process of inspecting websites with the objective of improving rankings in free or organic search results.

Do you Need an SEO Audit?

Yes, you need this service if you encounter the following:
1> You have to add traffic to your commerce website.
1>You are aware of your website performance or the reason for poor performance.
1>You want the business to boom but your marketing initiative does not simply make an impact.
1>Your goal is to build or redesign a new site.
1>You fail to see business results that you expect.

Complete SEO Audit

One of our Affordable SEO Services is to conduct comprehensive Audit services which offers a detailed analysis of your website and provide a comprehensive report on its health. We are SEOs will also offer recommendations that can help reinforce online presence.

Our SEO Experts India determine the condition of your website from the technical as well as search point of view. We look for on-site and off-site concerns or problems that prevent your site from performing efficiently in search engines. Then, we offer solutions to address said issues.

The goal of our Affordable SEO Servicesis to upgrade your site’s organic operation in search results through a Search Engine Optimization audit. We share suggestions along with deliverables that you can implement without delay to enhance website performance.

Types of Audit

Technical Audit – Our SEO Experts India can quickly pinpoint even the most complicated technical optimization flaws on your website. We can clearly convey our audit recommendations to your web developers.

White Label Audit – We have many clients who concentrate on web design, user-experience, branding, Public Relations, communication, and backend development. These companies opt for Professional SEO Services that they find reliable for tasks that need SEO proficiency.

Analysis of Competitors –We research on your competitors to come across unused KW targeting opportunities, the latest website enhancement than can work to your advantage, and best practices that apply to your website. Likewise, we find sites which are not really competitors but significantly overlap with regards to ranked KWs while driving traffic to their respective websites.

Content Audit –As the Best SEO Company, we check the quality and uniqueness of content. Our content specialists will make sure your content is unique, convincing, properly written, and grammatically correct. Content must have substance and deliver value to consumers. Content should be optimized with internal and external links, indexing, and images.

Our Capability

We are SEOs is an SEO Services Provider that can bring clients personalized SEO audit solutions. We know that various enterprises have a multitude on online marketing requirements. However, the end-results should constantly be the same. This is a positive Returns on Investment.

Our Commitment

Our all-encompassing SEO audit is the initial step towards a more effective Web-based marketing approach. We can assure you that our team will customize their audits to your business requirements. These audits consist of assessment of variables that can boost the impact of online marketing thrusts.

Learn what is stopping your site from Rankings Top on search Engine SERPs, Generating the traffics & sales you needs

Check Indexed Pages Audit

  • Is your homepage showing up as the first result Google SERP?
  • Are duplicate pages indexed?
  • If the URL, Title and Description are shown correctly on Google SERP?

Technical SEO Audit
  • Is your website registered with Google search console?
  • Is Google analytics installed and working?
  • Is your robots.txt file optimized?
  • Do you have SEO Friendly URLS?
  • Breadcrumb menu activated?
  • Do you have structured data enabled?
  • Do you have a canonical URL set for all your pages?
  • Is your 404 Page Optimized?
  • Is your XML Sitemap optimized?
  • Is your website HTTPS?
  • Page speed Optimization-Is your website fast enough?
  • Is your website mobile friendly?
  • Consider adopting Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
  • Is your web site structure optimized?
  • Check if a site used cloaking
  • Check if site contains viruses
  • Check for HTML5 is used and WC3 validated
  • Check for GTM tag input in tag
  • Usage of gzip compression

On-Page SEO Audit

  • Check and Optimize your Page’s titles
  • Check and Optimize your page’s descriptions
  • Check your headings and text formatting
  • Check your Content SEO
  • Check for duplicate content on the site
  • Check your Internal link structure
  • Check Image SEO
  • Check for broken links
  • Check for User friendliness
  • Check content for frames
  • Check content for Flash
Off-Page SEO Audit
  • Evaluate your incoming links and identify toxic links
  • How many unique domains are linking to you?
  • Which of these domains are considered trusted domains?
  • How many links are pointing to your home page and how many links to your internal pages?
  • Which of your pages have the most incoming links?
  • What percentage of the links is keyword based?
  • What is the ‘toxic score’ of each link?

Do you need an SEO Audit?

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